The University Decor You’ll Actually Want

When I first moved to university I made SO MANY mistakes about what to bring. Some stuff I brought too much of, somethings I didn’t bring at all, but over time I think I’ve got the Goldilocks balance of getting it just right. I wanted to share with you what I think you’ll need, but more importantly, give you some examples that you will actually want.

Even if you’re not going to university, I hope that you will find you can still incorporate some of these ideas into your own home (I know I want ALL of them).




H&M Home has sooo many great cushion covers for £3.99 each! The one on the left is available here and my favourite on the right is available here.

Round mirror - Black - Home All | H&M GB 1Uni rooms tend to have terrible lighting, so having your own mirror next to the window could be a make-up lifesaver…

This one is available from H&M Home and is £8.99



This duvet from Asda is *heart eyes emoji* and will brighten up your plain uni room just fine. Plus £10 for single or £12 for a double. Uh huh. Not so into the flowers? Check out this option from Ikea… £10 for a single, £13 for a double.

IKEA FLÖNG quilt cover and 4 pillowcases Cotton, feels soft and nice against your skin.

Student accommodation has a reputation for being chilly, plus hangovers call for a blanket at all times. I love Primark throws for being super soft, but here are some other options available online. The blue checked one (£4) and the red striped one (£9) are from Ikea and the giraffe print one is from Asda (£10). A definite essential.


Wilko Storage Unit 4 Drawer Assorted

In some of my friends’ student accommodation there was loadssssss of storage, but I had barely any. I used cheap plastic drawers which did the job but weren’t the prettiest, but I have an idea for you. (Gold) spray paint. These drawers are £10 from Wilkos at the moment, and this spray paint is only £6.91 at Amazon. Hey, it’s not a perfect solution but you may just need it. These ones from Asda are much prettier but more suited to stuff you want to pack away than have daily access to (ie. textbooks .v. pants)


Wilko Split Wood Storage Unit 2 Drawer White

More storage, but this is more suited to a bathroom but you could use it on your desk too. And all I’m saying, imagine this if you spray painted the metal with the paint you bought for the plastic drawers? Uh huh. Not so boring then. These are the ones I’ve used at uni and are £10 from Wilkos.



IKEA VARDAGEN glass Also suitable for hot drinks.

Your glasses WILL go missing. It is a university fact of life. So make sure you get cheap ones that are different enough to distinguish them from everyone else’s. These are £4.50 for 6 from Ikea.

gold ladle

Yes this is a copper ladle. But it is only ONE POUND from Asda. You are welcome.



Let me tell you what you don’t need at uni. A full dinner set. I bought two dinner plates, two side plates and two bowls from Matalan when I went to uni, but these versions from Ikea are nicer looking. Buying two of each will only set you back £7.50 (bowl, big plate, little plate).


Tips To Help You Out

  1. Don’t get plain cutlery, get something that will stand out a little so you can tell what is yours on the draining board.
  2. Don’t buy the cheapest knives you can find, they will go blunt SO quickly and you will regret it.
  3. Same with bedding. A cheap duvet and pillows will annoy you every time you go to sleep. You don’t need to go expensive, but don’t go CHEAP.
  4. Taking everything and the kitchen sink with you is impractical, but that’s what I did and it reeeeally helped me feel at home.
  5. Remember a bottle opener. Yes everyone will take one, but you’re going to need them.



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