The Magic of Zambuk

“Use that green stuff in the bathroom cupboard” my boyfriend would say to me when I got a spot. “I’m not taking skincare advice off you, you don’t even moisturise” I would say back.

Turns out I should have listened for this one…

This isn’t a pretty blogger product. Zambuk is a herbal ointment with the texture of Vaseline but it smells herbally medicinal, and is green. And it is incredible.

I put it on any spots or areas of redness on my face before going to bed, and in the morning – ta dah! It contains eucalyptus oil (an anti-inflammatory) which zaps most if not all of the redness and brings spots down to a shadow of their former glory. If only I had this stuff when I was a teenager troweling Clearasil spot cream on my face every night with no effect…

I bought it from Amazon for £3.75 (and you really don’t need a lot, a tin could last you years), but if you have problems with redness or want an alternative to harsh spot treatments – give it a shot.


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